Our Technology
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The Break-Through and Discovery

The “Break-Through” moment came when Infinite Power Company discovered the correct materials and processes that could be used to create the semi-conductor material of Silicon which makes up a traditional Solar Cell and creates the P/N junction which is key to a Solar Cells ability to make electricity. We needed to use materials that would work easily and be able to withstand the energy intensity that is generated by most radioisotopes for long periods of time. Which is also the exact reason why radioisotopes are the ideal choice of energy source to stimulate the P/N junctions that are within all Solar Cells including our new Infinite Power Cell.

In a Solar Cell it is the Suns light waves that stimulates the P/N junctions to produce an electrical current. And with the Infinite Power Cell we are still using the P/N junction, its just made of different material, and is now stimulated by the very predictable energy waves from Radioisotope that radiates energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week essentially replacing the sun.

Thus we are producing electricity essentially in exactly the same way and method as a traditional Solar Cell does, via the stimulation of a P/N junction, the science of a P/N junction is well known and well proven. And this comes with the benefits of a great deal of off the shelf manufacturing processes already developed by the solar industry which is directly applicable and useable in the commercial manufacturing and roll out of the Infinite Power Cell, dramatically lowering costs and production timelines.

Infinite Power Cells operate in a similar way to how solar cells convert the Suns light into electricity. Though we need to remember the light from the Sun is made up of various components, including Ultra Violet Light, X-Rays, Beta, and Gamma waves.

Intellectual Property

Kinetic Energy Australia Pty Ltd have been granted a provisional worldwide patent under the International PCT Application No. PCT/AU2015/050712 entitled “Power Cell”.

Subsequent to granting of the provisional worldwide patent, we have filed a country patent application in ninety-four (94) countries and territories , these are detailed below: