About Infinite Power

What makes the Infinite Power Cell so Ground Breaking?

Over several years, with dedicated and innovative research and development, we have harnessed and built a technology capable of generating zero carbon, reliable base green energy for decades!

The Infinite Power Cell proof of concept was built and tested at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2012. Further testing and product refinement ensued, with successful testing at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in Richland, Washington State, USA. Our patent was granted in 2015. We built our own R&D facility in Cumbria, England and started working with Manchester University to build & improve Infinite Power Cells, to the point of being able to commercialise the technology.

Our success in testing pushed us to further improvethe Infinite Power Cells capabilities, which expanded the commercial opportunities available to us, including available to us, including the utilisation of this unique power source to becoming the cornerstone of large scale green hydrogen production.

Visionary management supported by a world class board

Peter Bond


30 years of experience in material science and engineering.

Expert in new product development in semiconductors.

Managed industrial scale up of semiconductors from lab to production lines.

Robert McLeod


30 years of experience in media, energy and technology sectors.

Expert of EU regulatory affairs.

Strong experience in building early stage companies into successful businesses.

Steven Whitehead


20 years of experience in technology development and commercialisation.

Invented the Infinite Power Cell.

Prior experience with BP Research, Caltex and Linc Energy.

Michael Weinstein


30 years of experience in corporate management, investing and consulting.

CFO for early stage companies including a solar development company.

How Infinite Power Works

Infinite Power cells operate in a similar way to how solar cells convert the Sun’s light into electricity. That is the sun’s energy activates the PN junction with-in a solar cell to create an electrical current.

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