Our Business Model
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Our Business Model


“Our Vision”

Powering Life


“Our Mission”

Imagine a world where you can generate low cost, base-load power with No Carbon Footprint, no matter where you live or work in the World. In-fact the entire electricity grid can be fed from Power Cell’s that will operate for up to a hundred years, powering your life and filling the needs of industry, and yet you will never need to pay for natural gas, coal, or oil again, and you will never add any greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, ever again!

Infinite Power Company’s mission is to deliberately create this world, by manufacturing the Infinite Power Cells in such quantities that we subsequently construct strategically located power-stations that will be 10 Mega-Watts, that can power small communities or industrial estates, through to large Macro PowerStation’s of in-excess of 1000 Mega-Watts, which are capable of replacing coal fired power generation as we know it.

Power Stations of the Future

  • Fast simple construction.
  • Infinite Power Cells manufactured onsite and simply stacked like Lego Bricks.
  • Grid connections and power control same as Solar industry – plug and play
  • Facility is designed for 100 year operation.

“Infinite Power Company Power Stations Will Look Like This”

Drawing of Infinite Power Company 1,000MWe Power Station, constructed from stacked (Lego Brick) Infinite Power Cell units.

Key Reasons to Get Involved:


  • One Million times more energy than a Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 40,000 times more energy than Petrol.
  • 600% more output than Solar Cells.
  • 400% more efficient than Wind Power.
  • Cheaper Power costs and Higher Profits.
  • Zero-carbon footprint…And Zero Waste
  • Runs for up-to 100 years Non Stop.
  • Massive Industry “disruptor” and Early Mover Technology.
  • Creates Massive Energy Storage Capacity, that adds significant Value and changes the World Energy Map.
  • Proven Concept; You can visit our R&D facility tomorrow and watch one being constructed in-front of you.
  • World Wide Patents with more patents coming.
  • The Time is Right to take Action Now.