The World Needs Infinite Power

Creating a World where we generate, low-cost, Zero Carbon, base-load power 24 hours a day, continuously for decades.

How Infinite Powers Cells Works

Infinite Power cells operate in a similar way to how solar cells convert the Sun’s light into electricity. That is the sun’s energy activates the PN junction with-in a solar cell to create an electrical current. (Refer to Video)

The Technology

Infinite Power has invented a brand-new solar cell, one which can be operated using a radioisotope as the Energy Source to stimulate the PN Junction is stimulated by the SUN. So when our PN Junction is stimulated by the radioisotope, just like a solar cell it will create an electrical current.

This allows us to produce Low-Cost green base load power 24 hours a day for Decades, no matter what the weather, anywhere in the World.

We have captured the Sun in a Box and we can power anything with-it.

Solar Power cells produce power for 8 hours

Infinite Power Cells produce power for 100 years

Turn any building into a green power station

Infinite power-cells are easily and cost effectively manufactured utilising a similar process to how Solar Cells are produced.

Infinite power-cells can be transported to any location and quickly erected on-site into designated green power generation facilities, capable of feeding power into any industry or housing estates.

We are focused upon the supply of dedicated Green Power to high electricity consuming clients & institutions. Particularly Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Heavy Industry, large Real-Estate Developments & Mining. And by eliminating the costs of Transmission & Grid we are ensuring customer growth & strong Profitability via PPA’s and with our unique ability of being the only company that can supply 100% uninterruptable, low-cost green power to our customers.

Infinite Power business module is both high growth and highly profitable

The Benefits of this new technology

Zero-carbon & zero waste

We produce low-cost green hydrogen

Powers for 100 years

Can be delivered and operated anywhere in the world

1M times more energy

than Lithium-ion batteries

2¢ per Kw/Hr means lower cost of power

Creates a massive energy storage capacity battery

600% more output than solar cells

Proven concept

World-wide patents

Fast construction time

Massive world-wide industry “disruptor” and early mover technology

Zero-carbon and zero-waste footprint

Isotopes have no residual waste.

The radioisotope materials we use will decay over time and change into a stable and inert element at the end of its life. Infinite Power will recycle the used power cells, so even the power cell boxes are reusable.

The bottom line; no carbon, no waste and no rehabilitation costs.

The top 12 most frequently asked questions

Q1. Are infinite power cells & Radioisotopes safe?

YES, absolutely Infinite Power Cells are very safe, they are the equivalent of your Dentists X-Ray machine, except they produce power FOR your Home or Business instead of an X-Ray machine. In-fact you could argue that infinite-power cells are actually safer and easier to handle than your typical X-Ray machine, as our Power-Cells are never opened or exposed to the Public in anyway, they are in a sealed container, and they operate as a sealed box.

Q2. Where do you get your supply of Radioisotopes from?

Radioisotopes are easily purchased and readily available. There are tens of thousandsof radioisotopes bought and sold across the world every year, from organisations like GE (General Electric). Infinite Power are also working with producers of isotope like Rosatom and others in the industry, where we will create a Joint Venture so as to build out our own supply chain of radioisotope. With the aim of greatly reducing the cost of radioisotope and TO ensure we have control over our own supply chain.

Q3. What if you Drop an infinite power box, or it is damaged in some-way, what happens?

 The infinite power box is housed in-side what can best be described as a container similar to the black box recorder found in a plane. On-top of this, when we locate the power-cells onto a site, they are further housed in a concrete box, which is essentially immovable, these are than all housed in secured containers like shipping containers, which are located on the customers site. You could drop an infinite power cell out of a ten story window and it would literally not be damaged.

Q4. How Long will one cell last for? And how do you know this?

Infinite power main radioisotope is europium150 which has a half-life of 36.9 Years, which means if we install 10Kw’s of Power in 36.9 Years it will be 5 Kw’s, 73.8 Years it will be 2.5 Kw’s, 110.7 Years it will be 1.25 Kw’s and it will continue like this until it reaches zero. The life and half-life of radioisotopes is a well-known science fact, and something that has been proven many times mathematically and in practice. 

So it will continue to make Power for well over 110 years. But it will produce power at FULL CAPACITY for approx 10 Years. Our philosophy is to simply “ADD” more infinite power Cells to each installation every 10 years to off-set the power decay, so each infinite power-cell facility is always operating at full capacity. There are “other” types of radioisotopes we can utilise to create power over longer or shorter time-frames depending on location. However for ease of planning of on-going operations & cost we have elected to work with radioisotopes that are easily created and processed, like cobalt60 and europium150, so we can ensure our supply chain stretches for well over 100 years into the future.

Q5. Are the infinite power-cells difficult or expensive to manufacture?

Are the infinite power-cells difficult or expensive to manufacture?

A5. The manufacturing process and assembly of a infinite power cell is quite simple and very cost effective, the process of the cell itself is adapted straight from the way solar cells are manufactured. With the exception that we use “Sputtering Deposition” by using a Magnetron to layer the PN Junction to produce the cells onto a glass substrate instead of the silicon process that solar cells use. We build factories that are capable of producing 1000 to 2000Mw’s of power cells per annum from each installation. The factories themselves take approx 9 months to construct and are essentially designed to operate semi-automatically with robots performing most of the assembly line jobs. Technicians will keep the line fed with raw materials 24 hours and ensure smooth operations and testing of the cells as they are dispatched for transport to one of our dedicated installations.

Q6. Can you transport an infinite power cell and can you ship them overseas?

The transportation of radioisotopes is a very safe and essentially just an everyday event, there are transport companies whose expertise is focused only upon the transporting and storage of radioisotopes. It’s worth noting that literally every month there are thousands of radioisotopes being transported around the country and in-fact around the World. The process is straight forward, fill in the relevant forms and a licenced courier then comes to move the radioisotope material and deliver it to your desired location, it’s a relatively in-expensive process. For the first few years we will utilise one of these third party contractors to move our radioisotopes as required.

Q7. Is the Maintenance of a power-cell expensive?

There is virtually NO maintenance of a Power-Cell, with the exception of checking them regularly to ensure they are working and the adding of new power-cells every 10 years, which is a low cost program that only takes a few days to complete. It is anticipated that an allowance of approx 2% of the construction budget per annum will be adequate to maintain the infinite power cell facility’s including the top-up of the power-cells every decade.

Q8. How do you dispose of the used power-cells once they no longer work?

We do not expect to have to ever dispose of used infinite power-cells, because we would re-cycle the cell to ensure it ran-out its useful life, and if in a rare case we did need to replace an infinite power-cell, the box & cell will be re-cycled and another radioisotope inserted, & it will continue to operate and any residual isotope material will be reactivated and inserted into another infinite power-cell, so the cycle continues and no waste is ever generated. The infinite Power-cell boxes are not radio-active, so recycling or disposal is quite straight forward, and once an infinite power cell reaches the end of its life it is completely inert and can be safely disposed of into any normal waste site.

Q9. How easy is it to get a permit to use an infinite power-cell?

Most countries in the world are already using radioisotopes extensively and have been for over 50 years. So the regulatory process is well established and quite straight forward, infinite power is already licenced in the United Kingdom. If you think along the lines of how easy is it to set-up a dentist practice with an X-Ray facility, than the same licencing authority that regulates the dentist X-Ray equipment regulates us. What we are doing is using the same radioisotopes, except we produce electricity, and we have no direct contact with the public. The regulatory process is quite straight forward and established, and we would expect each new infinite power-cell location to take approx 3 to 6 months to gain the relevant approvals and licences.

Q10. What size power facility can you construct using infinite power-cells?

The infinite power-cells are approx 1Kw in size and built as modules. So if you requite 100Kw’s we would essentially install 100 box’s. There is No scale risk or complexity to expanding the technology to meet the requirements of large power consumers. Our infinite Power-Cells can exceed over 1000 Mw’s of installed power (essentially a large power-station). We are installing dedicated deliverable Green power to high value commercial clients and institutions like Green Hydrogen Production and Hospitals. Our modular power- cells can meet most of these requests.

Q11. It seems too good to be true? Is it Patented & Where can I see one operating?

 It is actually a common comment we receive from investors and customers alike, that it is “Too Good to be True.” But it has taken 9 years of hard work and dedication to produce the missing piece of Green Energy and that is a genuine Green Base-Load Power Solution capable of powering Industry.

Yes, we have Patents across most counties in the World, covering the infinite power-cell, from the USA to Europe and China to name a few.

The best location right now to see n operating infinite power-cell is at our facility in England, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Q12. Can I purchase an infinite power-cell now and Can I invest in the company?

Yes, you can get an infinite power-cell. But our Business model is to sell the power, not the technology, so we prefer not to sell the power-cells them-selves, however we are happy to discuss how we can work with you to deliver green, uninterruptable base-load power on a long-term contract that is probably at a lower price than what your currently paying. 

And Yes, you can invest into the infinite power co. Just “Contact us” and we will call you about what opportunities still currently exist for investors.

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